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MEDIATION  typically only takes days or weeks (or in very complex cases possibly months), whereas lawsuits typically take years. When parties want to get on with their lives, mediation allows a more reasonable timetable for resolving a dispute.

MEDIATION  is Less Expensive: Mediation is vastly less expensive than a typical lawsuit. Employing a mediator costs significantly less than employing a lawyer, and combined with the much quicker turnaround, you'll be paying less money over a shorter period. Also, for certain types of disputes, many non-profits offer mediation services for free or at a nominal rate.

MEDIATION  is Less Formal: The informality of mediation allows the parties to be more engaged than they would be in a court-driven process with an abundance of rules and procedures designed to separate the parties. Accordingly, since the mediator deals directly with the parties, the mediator can focus the attention of the parties upon their needs and interests rather than on their stated positions.

MEDIATION  is Confidential: Unlike court cases, which are public, mediation is typically confidential, which means there are no records or transcripts and any evidence introduced during mediation cannot be used later or revealed. This reason alone can be a great reason to use mediation rather than file a lawsuit.

MEDIATION  can Preserve Relationships:  One of the most overlooked benefits of mediation is that it can help preserve relationships, business and personal, that would likely be destroyed through years of litigation. Because it is collaborative, rather than adversarial process, and because mediation isn't inherently a win/lose process, important relationships can often be saved.

MEDIATION  offers Greater Flexibility and Control: In mediation, unlike in a lawsuit, the parties are in control. This means that the parties have a much greater say in negotiations and greater control over the outcome.

MEDIATION  can yield better results: For all the reasons above, parties generally report a better outcome as a result of mediation than they do from a lawsuit. Also, because there is no winner or loser, no admission of fault or guilt, and the settlement is mutually agreed upon, parties are typically more satisfied with mediation.

MEDIATION  can offer greater compliance: Finally, because mediation produces better results more quickly and less expensive, compliance from the parties with mediated dispute resolutions is higher than with lawsuits.



Any issue of conflict where the parties involved are willing to talk and work out their differences has a great potential for a successful resolution through Mediation.



KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Mediation is the next step for a federal lawsuit that alleges a former Missouri police officer nearly killed a teenager with a stun gun  during a 2014 traffic stop.

Online court records show Bryce Masters’ lawsuit was filed against the city of Independence, its former police chief and the former officer who fired the stun gun, Timothy Runnels. A mediator is set to hear the case Aug. 9. Barring a settlement, the case is set for trial in October 2018.

Masters was 17 at the time of the September 2014 confrontation with Runnels. Witnesses have testified that Masters went into cardiac arrest when Runnels shot him in the chest with a Taser after Masters refused to get out of his car.

The lawsuit alleges Masters’ heart had stopped for more than seven minutes by the time an ambulance arrived. No one had tried resuscitating him, and he was revived using a heart defibrillator.

Video from Runnel’s patrol car shows Runnels using the stun gun on Masters and, after Masters went limp from the electrical charges, handcuffing him and dragging him to the curb, where he dropped Masters on the pavement face-down.

“You don’t like to play by the rules, do you?” the lawsuit quotes Runnels as telling the unresponsive Masters, whose teeth were broken when they hit the pavement.

Runnels, in his response to the lawsuit, admitted making that comment and shooting Masters with the stun gun after he resisted efforts to pull him out of the vehicle.

Runnels pleaded guilty to violating Masters’ civil rights and apologized in court to Masters, saying he never meant to harm him. Runnels was sentenced in June 2016 to four years in federal prison.

According to prosecutors in the criminal case, Runnels “continuously” shocked Masters with his stun gun while Masters was on the ground and unthreatening, then submitted a misleading police report that omitted or falsely described the amount of force he used.

Runnels also tried to hinder the police department’s investigation of the matter, prosecutors alleged.


Nevada homeowners facing financial difficulties can once again take advantage of a foreclosure prevention lifeline offered by the state.

The foreclosure mediation program allows homeowners to sit down with lenders and discuss alternatives to foreclosure. But interested Nevada residents will have to act quickly in order to qualify for the program.

"It gives homeowners who are behind in their mortgage payments and facing foreclosure a respite as well as a chance to meet with the bank in order to restructure their mortgages and avoid losing their homes," Geoff Giles, a Reno real estate lawyer, told the Reno Gazette-Journal ( .

A measure signed into law earlier this year closed a gap of several months during which homeowners had few options to help them save their house.

The new law allows homeowners to choose to participate in mediation within 30 days of being served a notice of default. However, residents who got their notice after December and before the legislative measure was signed into law have until Tuesday to file mediation paperwork with the appropriate district court.

Having to file the petition in district court is one of the changes the program is seeing under the new law.

 The program is now being administered by the state-sponsored nonprofit Home Means Nevada, instead of the state Supreme Court. The director's office of the Nevada Department of Business and Industry will oversee the program's transition.

Another change is the mediator's fee, which increased by $100 to $500. Homeowners and lenders will split the fee in half.

By Jeffrey Bloom 17 Jun, 2017

Over the last few months, I have received phone calls from potential clients who used the phrase ‘My soon to be Ex-Wife or Ex Husband. I am then asked about the mediation and can I help with the process. I very much enjoy what I do in helping couples through this process.

Some cases are generally easier to get through, and some are more difficult depending on the couple and the issues. Either way, the issues are important to the parties, and they want a resolution that works so that a win-win result is achieved.

That is where I come in. As a mediator, I act as a neutral third party in helping the couple come to an agreement on all the issues that need to be decided, but more importantly, the issues that are important to them.

Nobody knows what is best for their children than mom and dad or what is best for assets and financial issues and moving forward than the parties in the divorce action. Why have a judge or an attorney told you what to do? Couples are much more likely to abide by an agreement and terms they want to be immortalized rather than being told what to do.

There is a high percentage of people who do not even know that the option of mediation exists. They are provided false information and advised to fight for what they are entitled to by hiring an attorney, which then results in the other spouse also hiring an attorney all the while watching your bank account balances go lower and lower, the months and years going by, while at the same time losing your sanity as well.

Please note that there are some cases that require attorneys and the litigation process. However, you owe it to yourself to become educated so that you can make a decision based on having all the proper information at your disposal.

Couples who decide they want to get divorced or separated should not be discouraged to get this done because they cannot afford it. Who wants to be in a relationship under those circumstances?

Here at Creative Resolutions Group, we offer a FREE (no obligation) in-office consultation. In addition, we offer the most affordable pricing packages which include all court filing fees and disbursements, so there are no surprises at the end. Isn’t it better to know what you are going to spend instead of being told: “IT DEPENDS”?

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